For Chromatography and Purification Processes

Aluminium Oxide is one of the most versatile sorbents for preparative chromatography. Due to its amphoteric character, Aluminium Oxides can be used in a wide range of specific pH values.

CAMAG manufactures various types of Aluminium Oxide, which are typically used in the following purification processes:

Preparative Column Chromatography

is a widely used technique to separate and purify substances from lab scale, to pilot scale, to large production in chromatography columns.

Flash Chromatography

is a rapid form of preparative column chromatography. Compared to standard column chromatography, the solvent is instead driven through the column by applying additional pressure. Flash Chromatography is a simple and economical approach to preparative chromatography.

Selective Filtration

is done by feeding a contaminated solvent extract through a short bed of Aluminium Oxide in large column systems. This could be used to clean an extract by adsorbing its impurities to produce a pure or decolorized product. It can also be used in Solid Phase Extraction of a mixture where a product is selectively bound to Aluminium Oxide and eluted later from the solid phase.

Application – Recommended type of Aluminium Oxide

CAMAG produces Aluminium Oxide in the basic to acidic pH range and with various activities, the driest product being the most active one.

Alkaloids: Basic, medium activity
Isolation, of ergot-, opium-, rauwolfia-, and other alkaloids

Antibiotics: Neutral
Isolation, purification

Essential Oils: Basic, Neutral
Removal of terpenes

Plant Extraction: Basic, Neutral, Acid
Isolation of active substances

Dehydration of organic solvents: Basic, highly active

Enzymes: Neutral

Glycosides: Neutral
Isolation of digitalis-, strophantus-glycosides, etc.

Removal of Peroxides: Basic, highly active
From organic solvents

Hormones: Neutral
Isolation and purification of ketosteroids from neutral materials

Purification of organic solvents: Basic, highly active
For technical purposes

Oils: Basic
Clarification of fatty oils, separation of fatty acids

Method Development

Thin-layer chromatography (TLC) is a convenient and fast technique that most of the time provides complete separation of fairly complex mixtures. Any sample type that has been successfully separated by TLC on silica or alumina plates can be separated by means of liquid/solid chromatography. Mobile phase optimization using TLC can easily be carried out using CAMAG HPTLC Variosystem which allows a sample with six different mobile phases to be tested in parallel. The mobile phase composition established by means of TLC can be used for preparative chromatographic applications.

Brockmann Activity

The water content of Aluminium Oxide defines the Brockmann Activity. Our standard Aluminium Oxide has the highest activity and lowest water content with a Brockmann Activity of I. Aluminium Oxide with a higher water content, having a Brockmann Activity of II – V, is also available.

High Quality

CAMAG has manufactured Aluminium Oxide since 1959 in Switzerland. The product, widely used in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries in purification processes, is of excellent quality. CAMAG has a comprehensive Quality System according to ISO 9001:2015 and is a REACH registered product.

Country of origin: Switzerland


Specifications for Aluminium Oxide